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September 23, 2020


...can be found here.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Why was a taxi driver in the bathroom with him?

Dave should have said, "Thanks a lot Le Petomane". Blech!


(Some language nsfw)

The Dachyoddee name has a long, heralded history of pulling long, yellow worms out of their rectum dating back to the time they were known as the Smith's.

I'm saving pharmaross's link to play for mrs man tom the next she calls me 'chicken' for vowing to never, ever go to Mexico for any reason.

17feet? This sounds like a Penn&Teller trick gone awry, akin to that magicians trick where they keep pulling on a string of handkerchiefs.

The head of the worm is probably still embedded in his intestine. The segments of these worms break off easily, so he might have passed only part of it.

At least he's on medication now.

There was a story in one of Rod Serlings shows where an earwig was planted by a hitman to kill a man by burrowing through his head. Miraculously, he survived. In the last scene the doctor came into the man's hospital room and informed him the earwig had been a fertile female that laid it's eggs in his brain on it's way out of his other ear. I remember he didn't take that news well at all.

An unreliable source informed me not to overlook the slender candira fish of the Amazon. They are attracted by urine and will crawl up a man's penis where it's spines extract and holds it solidly in place while it lays it's eggs.


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