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September 24, 2020


Pregnant woman jumps into water, saves husband from shark attack near Florida

(Thanks to Jeffrey Meyerson, who says -- and he is not referring to sharks -- "Do not mess with them.")


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This might overshadow the gender-reveal plans they had.

That will make a great story to be told at their child's birthday for the rest of his/her life.

Bull shark: 0 .. Wifey: 10

If it wasn't near Florida, what would she have done?

Now the raccoons and coyote are teeming up with the squirrels?

SHe: I want to watch Gilmor Girls.
He: But I'm watching the game!
She: I saved your life - while pregnant.
He: But only once!

So she Jumped the Shark? I’m afraid the marriage is going downhill from here.

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