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September 24, 2020


RCMP investigating man reportedly hiking nude on Summerland’s Full Frontal trail

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Shouldn't Sgt. Preston be in the Yukon?

RC detective Eh-day: You say you were able to snap a photo of the suspect?
Hiker: Yes, sir.
RC detective Eh-day: And you are willing to give us that photo in hopes that it will help us identify said perp?
Hiker: Yes, sir.
RC detective Eh-day: Oh, golly. I guess it was kind of cold that day, eh?
Hiker: Yes, Detective Eh-day.

...and next time if you could include his face in the picture it would also be helpful.

How is anyplace in Canada named SUMMERland?

We have customers in Kelowna, where that newspaper is from. It ain't no summer land.

Authorities should be investigating just what kind of mushrooms grow in that area.

Can you do "full frontal" without doing "full reartal" (or whatever you call it)?

Relax. The RCMP guy in charge is Sgt. Preston!

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