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September 21, 2020


Every autumn, mature male tarantulas start on their quest to find a mate, exposing them to many dangers such as hawks and skunks, cars on the road, and people.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Reminds me of candidates out on the campaign trail.

Scientific fact: More guys die chasing a piece of tail than are killed by snakes worldwide.

There are roadhouses in Texas that make being a tarantula on the make seem downright safe by comparison.

Le Pet, I once saw a guy buy a beer with a tarantula. The bartender thought it would be funny to scare his girlfriend with it. I later got word that that hadn't gone well.

Rod, My wife and I were in a bar in Dodge City, Kansas once. A man was at the bar drinking a beer with a tarantula on his shoulder. You should have seen everyones expression when my wife asked he would let her hold his spider for a while.
They are harmless and even if you get one angry enough to bite it isn't any worse than a beer sting.

LePet, does the brand of beer affect the sting?

Beer stings are painful the next morning upon waking. I could see a hungover W.C. Fields muttering: "I remember drinking a large spider before going home..."

Skunk vs Tarantula. No political comments, please!

The service reminds people to be kind if they see tarantulas out and about. They advise the public to help them across the road with a piece of cardboard or magazine.

I'd prefer using a rolled-up newspaper...

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