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September 26, 2020


NASA's new $23 million space toilet is ready for launch

$19 million of that was for toilet paper.


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The other $4 million, of course, was for the special screwdriver needed to tighten down the seat. Which was promptly lost.

I hope they tested it under water in a simulated weightless environment.

Of the 19M, 18M was spent on a study to determine which way to install the roll. Unfortunately, the results of that study were compromised as the researchers kept leaving the lid up.

Orbital outhouse modules are expensive.

I miss the good ole days when you just hung your butt over the side and let 'er rip.

I look forward to future scientists developing teleportation devices like the Roswell aliens kids are always playing with. We could just store our waste in a holding tank and beam it into the hold of a passing ship before it goes into warp. Or, as things are now, just beam it into some politician's office.

Yes but is it low-flow?

Bunch of pansies...back in the day, we just held it.

Depends, if you're driving from Houston.

Has Howard Wolowitz been brought in to test this thing using his mother’s meatloaf?

Home Depot has any number of spaced toilets on display for a s little as $99.

NASA's new space malebox cost a mere $19.99. NASA's VISA card limit was maxed out with the massive cost of the research and development that went into the project.

Is there a chance that you-know-what will hit the titanium dual fan?

NASA scientists are flushed with pride. First they developed a new probe for Uranus followed by this breakthrough space toilet.

Hopefully it's not too comfortable because sitting on it for long periods in space may lead to developing inflamed and painful assteroids.

pharmaross, that could wipe out the Black Hole exploratory mission that was to be led by Loo-tenant John Bidet.

Does it swirl in opposite directions over the north & south poles?

Speaking of holding tanks, before Japan had municipal sewage lines, every so often a tank truck would pull up and suction out the cisterns at people's homes. These were euphemistically called "vacuum cars." (Pronounced bah-kyoom kahhh.) You could always tell when one was in the neighborhood, by what I will euphemistically call the "fragrance."

Also, LOL to John Glenn! :D

Paul is asleep.

An astronomical price tag to be able to relieve yourself in the heavens.

Thunderbirds are GO!

The first astronaut to use that toilet can honestly claim they have gone where no one has gone before.

NASA's new space toilet for the International Space Station undergoes testing at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

*** snickers at caption ***

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