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September 14, 2020


Suspect defecated in dishwasher while residents slept: police

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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If they catch him, make him eat a Tide pod.

This is why you always keep the door on the dishwasher closed.

Officials are reminding the public to make sure their windows, doors, and dishwashers are always locked.

It's the Mad (r@pper! Can't they do a DNA test on the poo? I mean, we have read on this very blog that some fanatics people will run a DNA test on dog poo in order to track down an offending canine .. why not for this mysterious dishwasher (r@pper?

And some of us think we have crappy neighbors....

"Honey, when I asked you to load the dishwasher, that's NOT what I meant."

This sounds like an inside job.

Only In Canada.

Just for the record, Mad Hatter would have everyone know she is not in any way, shape, or form related to the Mad (r@pper.

Despite the availability of dishwasher cleaning products, I think I would be replacing the machine. Just the thought of using that dishwasher again is stomach churning. Hmm, maybe that was someone's way of getting a new dishwasher.

Where did you think the food on the starship Enterprise got its food ?

Of course I typed that wrong. They Recycled their wast so the replicator could replicate.

@LeDud - They recycled their Elizabethan verbs? :D

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