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September 22, 2020


Researchers from the University of Bristol used a behavioural test on lab rats that measures their emotional experience while tickling them and listening for squeaks.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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..so by lab rats, you mean smokin' hot lab interns?

If Willard finds out about this, those researchers are going to get a different kind of education.

I have a question correlating this study with the Chinese zodiac. Do people who were born in “The Year of the Rat“ get to have a team of researchers tickle them to see how much they like it?

P.S. - ...asking for a friend.

Rat Tickler is really going to look impressive on their resumes. I know it would get my attention.

Top animal social activities:

1. Rat Tickler
2. Cow Tipper
3. Horse Whisperer

Are we sure this isn't an THEONION study ? I remember one study they did that showed "Women who drink wine are more likely to tell off their mother-in-laws".

More proof that scientists are perverts.

I am a proud Year of the Rat-ter!

(@ Jim - We have teams lined up, properly distanced, around the block.)

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