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September 27, 2020


Loud bangs in trailer park turn out to be ravioli cans

(Thanks to Lance Van Auken)


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Using canned ravioli as weapons was banned under the Geneva Convention. I believe the penalty for breaking this ban was imprisonment for at least 90 days and being fed nothing but cans of cold ravioli.

Oh, the humanity!

Those things should not be in civilian hands!

Chef Boyardee is the preferred chef of the trailer park set.

Let's hope this doesn't escalate to Spaghettio's .

I loved that stuff when I was a little kid. When friend and I were barely tall enough to see the top of the stove, we'd heat up our own cans of ravioli and cook eggs in it. Gaa!

Canilbalism is the next step.

Beefaroni FTW.

Boyardee products are usually more explosive AFTER you eat them.

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