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September 30, 2020


The pair Ms. Goldin spotted were engaged in what’s known as “mate-holding,” a part of the copulatory process in which a male grips a female’s head in his mouth for hours or even days at a time.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So a dance marathon then,(more or less)?


Many years ago, when I was single, I met a girl in a bar who vividly described what she wanted from a man. It was chillingly similar to this. I suddenly remembered I hadn't unplugged the coffeepot and had to run. I never, ever, went to that bar again.

I think LBJ used this same method to line up votes when he was Majority Leader.

That's pretty how LBJ explained the Vietnam sitch to Helen Thomas.

That explains the origin of the Vulcan nerve hold.

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