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September 30, 2020


3-legged bear takes Diet Coke from Central Florida garage

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The police were able to track him down based on a tip from a stool pigeon

So the bear not only has body image issues but was also victimized by being on one of those coyote ugly blind dates?

The bear was clearly disabled. The ASPCA is filing an animal abuse complaint against the heartless homeowners for not opening the bottle of diet Coke for that poor, thirsty and disabled bear.

I see a Super Bowl commercial in here somewhere.
Have a "bear" of a thirst? Turn to the refreshing taste of a Diet Coke. Now with coffee flavoring which should be illegal.
Did these people learn nothing from the Classic Coke debacle?

nursecindy--I remember Classic Coke. Yuk! I quit liking Coca Cola about then, but here in New Mexico some grocery stores carry genuine old fashioned Coke from Mexico made with cane sugar. It tastes just like it used to. Even the glass bottles look original. Progress can sometimes suck canal water.

Poor bear is trying to fatten up for winter -- do Florida bears hibernate? -- and wound up with Diet Coke instead of the kind with calories.

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