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September 24, 2020


Florida man suing McDonald's, claims he was injured by Chicken McNugget

(Thanks to John Lobert and Le Petomane)


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Injured by something from McDonald's? Totally plausible.

Supposedly he cracked a tooth on a bone fragment which is better than the 17ft breaded tapeworm place my mind went to.

McDonald's chicken McNuggets: Now enriched with extra iron.

Those things are made out of real chicken meat?

"Mr. Stolfat, I understand you are seeking $1.1 million in damages due to injury to your tooth."


"Well, that seems reasonable compensation considering the serious medical condition where fecal matter has replaced your brain matter." "Would you like your imaginary money in 20's."

"Let me ask my client."

"Do you talk to yourself often?"

"When I'm lonely."

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