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September 16, 2020


Dozens of People in New Jersey Stop Their Cars, Mistake Blimp For a UFO

Advisory: Bad language, although not all that bad, for New Jersey.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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"The whole street is fuckin' stopped. It's a fuckin' flying spaceship."

This confirms the message about New Jerseyites of a certain type, a la JERSEY SHORE.

Goodyear is run by ALIENS?!

NJites thought the other side of the blimp said: "Earthlings, you miscreants!!This was your last ..."

Was there an Orson Welles or H.G. Wells sighting?

The Roswell space aliens said that if a war ship from some species appeared over New Jersey, they would have good reason to use that type of language.

This goes a long way toward explaining Q anon.

Nope Rod, Goodyear just sponsors them.


The crowd was full of hot air as well.....

I know the science folks, but "The crowd was full of helium" doesn't fit the narrative.

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