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September 30, 2020


‘Giant’ rattlesnake hiding under bed startles Arizona couple. It was also pregnant

(Thanks to coscolo)

North Carolina woman finds two-headed snake inside her home

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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We assume she names it Janus?

When a two-headed snake strikes, how does it decide which head gets the hit?

La-la-la-la-la .. I'm not clicking.

Thanks so much for the story about the two headed snake in Alexander County, NC. I live less than an hour away from there! I guess I won't be sleeping for the next week or so.

The rattlesnake was probably planted in that house by some discount hitman. Some years ago this was tried by another idiot who tried to get even with someone by planting a live rattlesnake in their mailbox. Of course the rattler bit the postman and the incident became a federal case. The postman recovered, but the perp is likely still caged.

Was it a two-headed snake or a visiting senator ?

JG, it was a harmless species, so it definitely wasn't a senator.

I bet they'll laugh about this in 20 years. Or not.

Nothing scarier than a talking two-headed snake laughing at you.

The only thing worse than finding a snake in your house happen to an aquaintence. She found an empty snake skin. 😬

@Baskerville Bee-I had that happen and it was only a couple of months after I had put new shelf paper in that cabinet.
I moved away.

Wait a minute... the bed was pregnant?

If that two-headed snake had turned up in nursecindy's house, I could envision a reporter interviewing her:

"Cindy, did that snake actually have two heads?"

"Not anymore."

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