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September 13, 2020


14% Of Men Are Aroused By Amazon Alexa

(Thanks to B'game)


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C'mon Man!

Joe is trying to give Alexa a backrub as we speak.

We were warned things like this could happen.

"Whom the gods would destroy,they first make mad."


In a later sturdy, WeVibe scientists doing a sex study on rats found that rats that wore tiny polyester pants mated less than rats that didn't. Further findings conducted during the same study found 99.5% of men felt sexually aroused by his sound. These men have been dubbed, 'technoarousedrats'.

(Q) Is that a fur cozy on your Alexa? (A) No, it's a fur coat & a hat.

Who is this Amazon gal named Alexa and why don't we ever see any pictures of her?

So Alexa does it for you does she? Fine! From now on she can wash your stupid clothes and cook your stupid meals. I'll just continue to tell you where you can go!

Siri--If you ever get to Flathead County let's go out for a drink. You seem like my kind of girl.

I'll take the Enterprise computer over either Alexa or Siri. Because it looks like Majel Barrett. Alexa and Siri are probably ugly.

Paul McCartney prefers Apple product so much so, he wrote "I'm so Siri, Uncle Albert"

I hear Alexa is a cheap date.

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