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September 16, 2020


Florida condo for sale has Budweiser cans covering walls, ceilings

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and Ralph)


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"What did he die from? Covid?"

"Nah, it was drinking all that sh1tty beer."

Drinking all that lousy beer explains why he's dead now.

At least the aliens couldn't have read his thoughts.

If aliens could have read his thoughts, @cfjk, they would have seen,

The beer probably make him smart. That's why he's selling the condo.

After all, beer made Bug wiser.

cfjk--The Roswell aliens claim that the thoughts of people who drink Budweiser are too jumbled to read.

Enough carbon dioxide in the beer to make a measurable contribution to climate change.

So if he made a Far-away-beer-aday cage, we can assume he didn't die from a lightening strike? ?

While I can't comment on his decorating style, I'm sure that he's sadder bud-wiser.

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