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September 30, 2020


Fashion brands design 'waist-up' clothing for video calls

Sure It Is: "Fashion is about reacting to reality," said Miuccia Prada, head designer of Prada.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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As Yoda said, "Waist not? Want not"

" ...people keep sending me snapshots of themselves on Zoom calls "

This will not end well.

Given what routinely comes down those catwalks, I'd say fashion has no concept of what reality even is.

That’s the way I like to work.

A salute to zooming day drinkers everywhere:"Bottoms-up!"

The Devil Wears Prada. Sadly, it's no longer just a movie title.

Is it just me or does that male model, wearing the orange hat and scarf, look a lot like a young Queen Elizabeth?
I looked up the cost of a silk hair wrap and they start at $100 so I'll still be using a towel.

This won't go over well with the guy who just introduced the inflatable trousers.

Certainly, he won't be taking this sitting down.

"Designers are thinking about how we are living our lives."

Since WHEN?

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