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September 23, 2020


Pensioner wiped out village’s broadband for 18 months by turning on old TV

(Thanks to Prairie Cynic and Allen at Division)


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That would be a great gift for my EX.

Could have wiped it out permanently had he been watching reruns of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or the Star Wars Holiday Special.


A few decades ago, I built a PC from Hong Kong parts. I didn't include shielding. At key points in football games I could hear from my apartment above, I would turn on the laptop for the sole purpose of disrupting reception.

I was studying theology at the time, so I should have known better

...and now the pensioners have to pay the uk tv tax

Not My, this was my thought when reading the article. This could be fun under the right circumstances. At least as long as nobody figured out who was doing it.

I hope the broadband service, or a group of his neighbors, bought him a replacement telly.

If turning on old TV sets wrecked the Internet, we have never noticed that problem here in Flathead County, analog capitol of Montana.

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