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September 25, 2020


A legislator in Argentina’s lower house of congress has been forced to resign after he was seen kissing his girlfriend’s bare breasts during an online congressional debate.

(Thanks to Jim Perth, Jay Brandes and pharmaross)

Japanese politician caught watching crocodile video in parliament meeting finally explains himself

(Thanks to Ralph)


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So in all these pandemic months, we've had public officials all over the world in various states of undress and engaged in all sorts of sexual behavior during video meetings, and the best this Japanese guy can do is watch croc videos?

Oh well, at least he's not making new little Japanese politicians.

The Argentina legislator shouldn't have resigned. There was no clear evidence presented to define any guilt People need to see the entire,unedited video to make a judgement.

I dunno, seems like a strong legislative tactic to me.

They might as well shred the Argentinian Constitution - if any - and be done with it.

Given that he's a memeber of the lower house that's not what I thought he'd be kissing.

Argentina shouldn't cry for him.

Was the girlfriend Madonna ? That would make Eva Peron proud.

I actually feel sorry for that Japanese politician.

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