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September 21, 2020


A 30-year-old Norwich driver who hit speeds in excess of 100 mph before hitting several trees and rolling a car on the highway reportedly told police she wanted to “test the capabilities” of the vehicle.

(Thanks to John Gebler, pharmaross and John Lobert)


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Zujey Martinez ==>
Jazzy Mutineer
Ream June Tizzy
Rue jazz enmity

She was hoping they'd grade her test on a curve.

I can relate. Years ago, decades, I sold my Harley Davidson to a woman. She rolled up sitting behind her boyfriend on the back of his Harley. The guy told her, "well get on and take it for a ride." In hindsight I recall she appeared to be a little surprised by his order. So, she strattles my bike and takes off up our residentual street and dissappears around the corner. She doesn't come back. The guy and I begin to notice she isn't back yet. So, we get in my car, drive up around the corner and there lays my Harley on the side of the road part way onto someone's lawn and the woman sitting on the lawn crying. I have a mental picture many decades later of the scene. The boyfriend says to her, "you just bought it so pick it and lets go."

Did I ever mention the time I took my girlfiend's Thunderbird for a spin and found out at the first stop sign the car did not have brakes. Yeah, she was a topless dancer, slightly older than 18 so don't get excited, and the car was given to her by a former sugar daddy. Don't ever mess with a women's gift given to her by a sugar daddy. Don't mess with them at all.

She'll be suing, 'cuz obviously that thing ain't safe to drive.

It's a rough life, lady,when your goal is to be a crash test dummy.

I just bought a new car. I did not test drive it in this manner and it is now in my driveway and available to be driven every day. In a sensible way. Avoiding the trees.

They listed her home address in the article? What is this, 1959?

Our Dad is so cool.

Dinners ready!

Coming Harriet.

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