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September 25, 2020


He runs on water.

(Thanks to John Lobert)

We're guessing it's fake. But it's amusing.


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It has to be fake. How did the boat cross the moose's path without running aground?

They don't always run away.

Knew they were powerful and dangerous, but didn't know they were fast.

Look in the sky for the squirrel

Bullwinkle had to have Rocky the flying squirrel underneath him to fly across water like that. Of course when you're being pursued by Boris and Natasha, the adrenalin boost helps.

Jesus Christ that's a moose?

Bullwinkle that's Jesus Christ.

It's real. Shallow water. Shallow-draft boat. Small outboard motor. Read the comments on youtube.

Either that, or Jesus decided to mess with the Masons and Shriners, and reincarnate as a Holy Moose.

A moose bit my sister.

Jesus H. Moose!

Jesus Bullwinkle Christ!


Probably an air boat. Very shallow draft. Those are very popular for hunting moose in Alaska.

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