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September 13, 2020


Researchers investigate the benefits of a wet dog nose

Key Finding: Researchers have recently investigated the noses of animals and determined that it is normal for a dog’s nose to be cold and wet, but it’s also normal for a dog to have a warm and dry nose.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston, who says "We may be running out of things to research.")


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Researchers are now planning to research the mental status of "scientists" who do research studies on things that don't need researching.

If you have ever been "cold nosed" by a dog, you will understand.

Le Petomane, are these the same researchers that proved beer makes you happy and eating raw cookie dough will make you sick?

nursecindy---Thanks for the suggestions. I learned beer makes you happy early on, about the time I discovered wild skunks should be taken to the vet before they make good house pets.
Now raw cookie dough need lots of research. I plan to start with chocolate chip and go from there. Should I stop posting, you can assume raw cookie dough does indeed, make you sick. But in he name of science I will place myself in peril.

" Most pet owners have... wondered if their dog’s nose should be wet or dry."

Those of you who haven't probably have more important things to wonder about, such as why dogs drink out of the toilet and humans prefer lite beer.

It is NOT normal for a dog's nose to be covered in peanut butter.

I continued feel my dog's cold nose nudge the back of my knee any time I went near the treat cupboard for the two years we lived in that house after he died.

Most importantly, Anna got her research money.

I'm still waiting on the research as to why cats clean themselves in the way they do.

@Jim-Because they can.

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