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September 12, 2020


Brutal moment dad-to-be takes a direct hit in the crotch from a flare at a gender reveal party

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Maybe he'll need a woodpecker.

...and so burns California.

The way we did gender reveals when I had my kids was as they were rolling the mother out of the delivery room the dad would yell either, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" Then everyone would crowd around to look at the baby and then they would disappear until it graduated from college.

Song title:

"Good time Tommy's got the blues."

Alternative song title:

"Tommy's Has The Vasectomy Blues."

Gender reveal worked —

He's a man...

also, a third sibling is unlikely.

There are about 15 human genders, which have often have little to do with external genitalia.

Maybe we can have species reveal parties instead, where we can announce "It's a Homo sapiens."

Proving we're smart enough not to shoot ourselves in the balls.

A buddy went to one of those gender reveal parties the other day. Turns out, He's a guy

Staged for views

The parents' intelligence level doesn't bode well for the kids.

Probably the last of his gender reveal parties.

Guys should always wear cups when playing baseball and attending gender reveal parties.

Back in 1973, when my son as born, no such thing as gender reveal parties. Now, if they had revealed all the s#$t he was going to do when he was a teenager, it would have been informative. We could have just left the kid on someone's porch and ran like h$%l.

Convenient. A gender reveal and a "we're stopping at two kids" announcement all in one.

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