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September 29, 2020


Port Charlotte man arrested for slapping girlfriend with slice of pizza

(Thanks to pharmaross and DaninDallas, who says "At least there was no pineapple.")


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I guess it gives new meaning to the term "pizza face". Gilda Radner would be proud.

No cookie for him, then.

C'mon, man!

If that pizza was one of those wimpy vegetarian, California meatless, organic goat cheese and kale with marinated pineapple pizzas, even possessing one would likely be a hanging offense in Texas. At the very least, he would charged for brandishing and using a weapon of terror.
Oh, the humanity!

The perp got angry with his GF for cleaning up and attempting to throw out what she thought was an empty pizza box?
Remind me to stay away from that trailer park.

Le Pet, if it didn't have some sort of meat on it, we wouldn't even let it be sold in Texas.

Shouldn't that read " ex-girlfriend "...?

Deano always sang:"When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!" ... Apparently, this was not that.

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