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September 22, 2020


...be sure to pay your bill.

(Thanks to Geoff)


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"We got coke." At a Waffle House?!

And how did the counter man get the customer's phone? Sounds like a deal gone bad.

...and don't forget, you can now book your next wedding at the wafflehouse.

With Chuck E.Cheeses being closed, it appears all the action is moving to Waffle House. Let the games begin!

"We gotta go, we got coke!" is your classic line for sure.

Yes, with Chuck E. out of the picture, Waffle House stands alone on the Most Dangerous Chains to Eat At in America (or anywhere else, in all likelihood).

I don't remember which of the blogfolk said it, but I remember the immortal line: "You don't go to Waffle House; you just end up there."

I can't never make up my mind if I want to dine at one of these places. I'm waffling about it.


Strange that the article didn't mention the location of this Waffle House. I get a little defensive when people put it down. When I was a paramedic there were many times we'd end up at Waffle House after working a terrible accident scene. They always gave us free coffee and after one especially horrific accident on I-85 two days before Christmas, they gave us free breakfasts too. I recommend the hash browns.

'the yellow-clan woman's wig flies off and the top of her tank top rolls down, giving shocked onlookers an eyeful.

As predictable as deadly critters in Australia.

You can count on the food being OK, because it's really hard to screw up breakfast.

And now a reenactment of the Battle of Pearl Harbor as performed by customers and staff of The Waffle House.

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