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September 16, 2020


Would-be lumberjack chops tree down directly onto house

Advisory: Bad language, which is totally understandable.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Been there, done that. But with less damage.

Hello? May I please speak with Jake from State Farm?

I had two 100-ft+ cottonwood trees in my backyard that were adjacent to power lines. I called a professional and paid for them to be taken down. It was quite a job, but they did the work in just two days with a crew of 8 men.
Worth every penny.

Which one of you idiots put that house there?

One year a big storm came through and knocked down some 60ft
pecan trees in our neighbor's yard that landed on our tool shed. Well there was one long branch that needed cutting so I set my ladder on a limb and climbed up with a chainsaw (you see trouble coming, don't you). I started sawing on my right side, but after I cut it the limb started bouncing up and down. The ladder went down along with me and the chainsaw. I landed on a bush. My wife will never let me forget that. How I managed to get by with a few scrapes don't know. The Lord protects fools?

Failed candidate for the Barnwood Builders team.

On the bright side, there could have been a squirrel or two in that tree.

He's not a lumberjack and he's not OK.

@Burt Macklin---To continue the lumberjack song.

"He likes to cut down trees, skip and jump
Press wild flowers
Put on women's clothing and hang around in bars."


I would never try to cut a tree that large or that close to my house, but I have had to fell smaller ones and take down leaners after storm damage. EVERY SINGLE ONE fell in a direction I didn't want or expect despite the cuts and slants being in the right place. Just pay the pros!

Problem was: there was just one of him. Everybody knows this job needs tree fellers!

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