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September 25, 2020


Woman finds venomous snake in her glove compartment

(Thanks to pharmaross)

Related: Snake Visits Beauty Store in Kentucky

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Kentucky's in Australia?

I take it the beauty store snake was in the market for exfoliation?

...and the venomous snake was wearing one glove?

That wasn't a snake in the beauty store, it was Medusa.

Every space and hinge in Australia needs strong gaskets to keep the snakes and other venomous creatures out.

Certainly no need for it to be in a shoe store, so everybody has to be somewhere.

Sounds like the Australian snake just need a ride to the drug store, if he was leaving the car after he got there.

Just for review, ALL poisonous snakes in Australia are cobras. No vipers found there. You may continue......

LeDud--Couldn't we just say ALL snakes in Australia are venomous just to be safe?

The one in Kentucky is a non-venomous black rat snake, which eats rodents. Which makes you wonder why it was in the Beauty Store. I'd worry about the prey there, not the snake.

I want a cool shirt like the beauty store snake guys were wearing.

Maybe the one in Kentucky was a lady snake. It looked kind of like an Ulta store. I’ve never met a woman that didn’t like going into Ulta. Mrs. 655321 told me she hears Angels sing when she passes through the doors to Ulta. Perhaps Ms. Snake us water some lip sssstick or massssscara?

I really should proofread. The last sentence should read “Perhaps Ms Snake just wanted some lip sssstick or massssscara?” Sorry about that.

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