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September 13, 2020


Police: 'Why are you holding an iron out the car window? Passenger: 'To cool it down obviously'

(Thanks to pharmaross and John Lobert)


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I predict soon-to-be-released research will show that a cool, wet iron is good, as well as a warm, dry iron.

Q. How do you drive the No Excuse Team batty from overwork?
A. Send them to Miami.

When it becomes illegal to hold a hot iron out of a car window, then we'll know the terrorists have truly won.

"Why am I holding it out the window? To iron your face, OK?"

Mobile ironing service? I've never seen such a thing over here. If I was worth a damn at ironing, I might sense a revenue opportunity. But I'm not. Somehow, when I finish ironing, the shirt looks worse than if I hadn't bothered at all.

Is that a five iron or a six iron?

The driver should have smiled at the cop, then start looking around and say, "Dang, what happened to the ironing board?"

I can't imagine something like this happening in Flathead County. About the only use most of us have for an iron is to easily make a grilled cheese sandwich right on the plate.

@Rod Nunley - As someone whose ironing IS worth a damn, I can tell you that it is a lonely existence being the last of a dying breed. Lately I've taken to drinking from the bottle of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing.

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