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September 13, 2020


"From then on we've been texting farts to each other fairly frequently."

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I'd hate to go to one of their family reunions. He needs to dump the girlfriend too. Nobody has the right to go through someone's phone. The only exception is when you need to delete certain photos because you're breaking up with them. A friend told me that while we were going through her ex-boyfriend's phone.

“ I don't think my family is super unique or anything in that regard..."

At least... Not if it's normal in your family to swing through trees and throw branches.

The family that farts together hearts to be apart, together, although without any odor ranking it seems short sighted. (Still waiting for the promised smell-o-vision.)

You would think she would be happy that he wasn't cheating but No... "She was very angry I hadn't told her what I was doing and demanded I stop doing it."

Women: Exhibit A

I would fart in her general direction.

I'm with Qaz. This gal has no sense of humor and he should run, not walk away. And fart in her general direction as he goes out the door.

Yep. Le Pétomane has said all there is to say.

And who would know more about this sort of parting shot?


Technology has come along way, I remember when guys had to fax farts.

@Rudolph--Spot on. I even remember they time when they had to be delivered. Nowadays they're stinking up the Internet.

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