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September 28, 2020


Man shot 'in the buttocks' by stray bullet while in the restroom

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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America's last sanctuary falls by the wayside.


Jack Bauer answers.

Damn it, Chloe, I'm on a break!

So now the snakes are packing heat.

He was in the bathroom on the second floor of his home. Maybe next time he should use the basement.

Where is Sgt. Friday when you need him?

Why am I hearing Forrest Gump’s voice talking about getting “shot in the butt tocks”?

I grew up in a very rough neighborhood.

Circa January 1st, 1961, 12:00 AM

My mother is standing in the front door watching fireworks. I am sitting in my small child's chair across the room watching TV. She calls to me to 'hurry' and come and see the fireworks. I jump and run over across to the door where she is standing. As I stand up, a bullet comes crashing through the window in the back of the house. My dad investigates and finds where the bullet has come through the window and calls police. My dad and the police office trace the trajectory of the bullet to my child's chair. The officer gets out a pocket knife and digs a slug out of the cushion of the chair. If my mother had not called for me to come and watch the fireworks...there would be no man tom. I mean the instant I stood up the bullet hit right where I had been sitting in the chair. The bullet would have 'basically' sliced me in half.

I grew up in a very tough neighborhood. I am also the luckiest guy on the planet.

In Texas one expects to be shot in the @ss at some time in one's life.

So man tom, did they ever figure out who shot at you ? Did you get revenge ala Charles Bronson in DEATH WISH(S) ?

pogo, it certainly happened to me, sort of. A cousin shot me there with a BB gun when we were kids. Took about two years for the BB to work its way out.

man tom, we are also lucky to have you >hug<

LeDud I was six, but I do remember the officer and my Dad using his pocket knife to dig the slug from the cushion and wood frame. As best I can remember, my Dad went out back in the alley and looked around. It seems the police officer said they were going to look back there, but no, no one was ever caught.

The bullet was not fired straight up in the air. It had to fired at the window and the light shining in the window near the back porch. Came through a back room, clipped a wooden shade and dug into the seat of the chair wher I was sitting a split second before it impacted there. It was my dad who said to the officer I believe, t would have cut him in half." I loved that chair. We had it around for years until I was a teen. Re-upholstered of course. BTH - there is no way you or I could drive your car in the area I grew up in these days. Far too dangerous.

MOTW - TY, much appreciation sent your wat.

Just to make a correction:

It was my dad who said to the officer, I believe, 'it would have cut him in half."

This is a picture from maybe 10 years ago of the lot where that house stood. It is in the heart of the city of St. Louis. In recent years, I believe some builder has come in and built some homes on the the lot and on the street. Of interest, a street in back of the lot running off the alley, near where the bullet likely came from, behind where this picture was taken is a small street where I used to ride my bike as a kid. That street, I learned last week, has been named after a semi-famous current NBA player who grew up there. I could take him.

I went to K through 3rd grade at a school just up the street from my house. The school was grades K to 6. I must have been seven or so attending an assembly in the gym. There was a ruckus and the principal was seen being hustled away holding a bloody white handkerchief to his nose. One of the students had punched him in the face. That student had be all of ten years old, but having lived there I wouldn't doubt if the student was closer to 16. I can tell you I was the smartest kid in my class. I remember I was always on worksheet number 30 something while the rest of the kids were on worksheet 2, needing help with woksheet 1. It was always fun listening to the other kids read out loud.

"See Spat...long pause...Spot...run. Dick sees...Ja....Jane...fell...fall. I will never forget it.

When I tell mrs man tom the story about me being the smartest kid in my class, and I reminder her often, she always says, "so what, I was the smartest kid in my entire COUNTRY!"

She was close enough.

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