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September 15, 2020


Taco Bell is now selling its own custom wine

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Hard pass

They just placed a trough at the front of tha assembly line, filled it with grapes and had the taco assemblers stomp the gapes while woring the 'line.

"Jalapeño Noir is only available for a limited time in Canada."

Hmm .. sounds like that'd put hair on your chest, that does.

Because nothing says " class " like a glass of fine wine with your chalupa.

"I'll have a bottle of Clos du Yo Quiero" said no one ever.

Red Lobster (a seafood place not famous for seafood) has the DewGarita. A margarita made with Mountain Dew.

It's just a darn shame that Orson Welles is not still around to put his imprimatur on this.

Jeff is on to something with how Orson Welles picked wine.
"I shall drink no wine before it's time."

I would venture the time to drink Taco Bell Jalapeno Noir, would be in the Restaurant At The End of the Universe, minutes before the Universe actually ends.

Do I get a straw with it?

Or a tiny umbrella?

Scientist are studing this as we speak.

I clicked Submit too soon: Jalapeño Noir will put hair on your chest,
a song in your gut, and a toot to boot.

If it was infused with serranos, I might be interested. But only under that circumstance.

@Burt Macklin: No straw or umbrella, but it comes with a plastic spork.

Bring back the Mexican Pizza and then maybe I'll think about looking at your wine. The key word here is "looking". I'll never drink it.

Probably it comes in a cardboard box with a straw. Kids will love it.

Is there a shortage of drunk people at Taco Bell?

Back in the day, "Boones Farm Strawberry Hill" was the standard for cheap wine. We may have a new contender here.

..I remember it as the apple variete.

My son worked there in his youth, called it "Taco Hell." Maybe the wine will help you forget the taste.

I mentioned this to my youngest and .. shudder .. he said he was interested.

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