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September 14, 2020


Huge Herd of Elk Walk Straight Through Neighborhood Street

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Nothing to worry about, unless they're riding on motorcycles and have tattoos.

Those elk better be careful. They could wind up spending the evening as the whole town's supper.

When a herd of Elk like those hit Flathead County, it's time to fill the freezer.

I saw them open for Buffalo Springfield and The Cowsills.

Heckuva show.

'Could be worse, Moose, Lions, (or god forbid) Shriners.

What the elk?

Lawrence Elk and his Orchestra?

This is what happened when Ernie the elk took that left toyn at Albuquerque.

An Elk, a Moose, and an Oddfellow walk into a bar...

It's the pack of wolves chasing them there that you have to worry about.

Heard of elk? Of course, I've heard of elk.
They're quite common.

You're stupid!

Homeowner won't have to fertilize that lawn for a couple of years.

Not a single one of them wearing a mask.

Rudolph, even with your mask, we can still see your nose so bright.

Even The Elk have left Portland.

^ to MOTW. Good one,

5* Snork to MOTW!

Hey! Okay, that tracks.

Did they leave anything in the dishwasher?

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