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September 25, 2020


Vaping while pregnant found to have potential impact on prenatal brain development in zebrafish

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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Who the hell is giving vape pens to the zebrafish?

Pregnant fish VAPE?

OK,these 'scientists' need to explain just how a fish can hold a vape pen, light and smoke it all while swimming underwater.
Methinks these scientists need to have other fine folks, also wearing white coats, take them to where they can get a nice long break from their stressful lifestyle. They will also get ice cream on Sundays if they are good.

If there is one thing we don’t need in 2020, it is stupid fish.

Country Joe and the Vaping Fish would have been a good opening act at Woodstock.

Well its healthier than smoking cigarettes. But, I think fish that smoke are unnatural.

Must be using water pipes. (aka bongs)

Smoked salmon. Yum!

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