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August 31, 2020


Taiwan toddler entangled in kite tail goes airborne at festival

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says "Let's go fly a kite, kid.")


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Too much tail.

Dang, why couldn't fun stuff like this have happened to me when I was a kid?

Thank goodness it wasn't the annual Outhouse Races.

Now, all day, I'll be keeping beat to this. All day.

I have what I will characterize as 'stimulating images' of a polar bear approaching Marilyn McCoo and Silver Convention. I feel pretty good about the images, so I'm reluctant to post some Eddie Arnold songs and make the world go away. I can feel a Fifth Dimension earworm coming on. Probably the peanut butter taking hold.

Thing Two and Thing One!
They ran up! They ran down!
On the string of one kite
Was a tot upside down!

That aerial ride will be fun in retrospect, not while it was happening kind of like the time I rode a metal washtub down the cellar stairs -- nobody hurt, but the noise was deafening and nearly gave Mom a heart attack.

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