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August 27, 2020


Watch An Escaped Wheel Ring Someone's Doorbell At About 40 MPH

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "The wheel had a valid etc.")


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"Do what you can to keep random wheels from slamming into your houses."

Umm, okay. Thanks.


Honey, you'll never guess what came through the post today.

Door to door salesmen are getting more aggressive!

You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel.

So if you got hit by it, you would not have a ..."GOODYEAR".

Ha, ha, see, because it's a...nevermind.

Well, it IS 2020 after all.

"That was a stroke of luck, dear. That flying wheel plumb flattened that pesky landshark that keeps ringing our doorbell."

@Ralph - :D See you at the Grammys!

Fun fact: There was a Japanese country singer here in Tokyo a few decades ago who didn't realize his version of that song went over big with English-speaking audiences because it sounded like he was singing "four hungry children, the crap in the field."

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