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August 01, 2020


Money laundering is not a good idea, as a South Korean found out when he or she put banknotes in a washing machine to remove possible traces of the coronavirus.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Better. Iron the money, do not launder.

There are those who claim the plandemic is just another step closer to a cahless society.

Oh, I don't think washing did the damage. But she might not want to put the bills in the dryer next time.

Everybody knows when you launder money you always use the delicate cycle on the washing machine.

They do it all the time in Florida.

"Wang, I wasn't sure the bank would buy this story or not, but they swallowed it like a carp does a fly.
Tell your cousin to toast some more of our counterfeit bills so things not clear and take them to bank. We have good idea that works."

How the heck does a Korean washing machine work? I’ve never had anything come out of my washer that looked half burned up.

Perhaps she should have used something gentle like Woolite instead of sulfuric acid as a detergent.

@Math-Yoda - I think I have the answer to your perceptive question. I saw on tv in Japan that Korean people like to boil their white loads, so Korean washing machines come with a "boil" setting. To underscore this, one Korean tv commercial actually showed their washing machine boiling eggs. (Really!) By contrast, Japanese washing machines are not made to withstand such high temperatures. I'm sure the sulfuric acid didn't help, either, but next time maybe she could try ironing the bills instead. :)

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