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August 13, 2020


The 25 Most Dangerous Roads in the U.S.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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How can "Highway 1" be more dangerous than "I-95 in Miami"? (Oh yea, Florida drivers, never mind.)

I-85 through Charlotte can be scary however, I-77 is much worse. I think it's because they're always working on it so it's usually just down to two lanes. Plus it's a toll road now. If you want a true religious experience drive down the Berkshire Freeway during rush hour.

This from the article:"Don’t be deceived by the beauty of highway 17. The magnificent scenery that stretches across a highway running from Virginia to Florida gets its most pronounced danger zone in South Carolina, an especially picturesque drive that's also full of narrow lanes, blind curves, sharp turns, and even the occasional animal—look out for the deer!—jutting into the roadway. With one death every two miles, nobody is truly safe." They don't even consider the fireworks, big oversight on their part.

Here in Massachusetts the Berkshire Freeway is better known as the Appalachian Trail.

I would have thought that I-80 through Donner Pass would have had an honorable mention.

I'm a little disappointed that Illinois is underrepresented, especially in light of our wrong way drivers

I'm still trying to figure out why I-45 is so dangerous. How can you get hurt among a bunch of cars that are all sitting still?

Although I haven't been to Houston in a few years, I lived in the area for a while, and no matter what time of night or day, I could always count on I-45 north of downtown coming to a complete stop for no other reason that everybody just stopped.

As nursecindy would say: South Carolina. For years they had the cheapest gas in America, mainly because they don't spend any money maintaining their roads.

I-17 in Arizona does go past Sedona, however, so gets some credit for that. The I-10 does suck.

Favorite I-95 in Miami experience: watching a guy stop his pickup dead in the middle of the road so his two sons could get out and retrieve the love seat and cushions that had fallen off the back.

I-495 The Capital Beltway, AKA the worlds largest circular parking lot.

I-45 - I have personal experience with that .. or, at least, Mr MOTW does. I was in the hospital, discharged from the maternity ward, and waiting for him to come pick us up. Waiting .. waiting .. no cell phones at this time.

He shows up more than an hour late and was in a foul mood. He was on I-45 in a Ford Fiesta rental in the rain when a semi in the center lane just started to move over to the left. The laws of physics being what they are and the Fiesta's little clown car horn being was it was, he took evasive action and slammed on the brakes to avoid being creamed. The Fiesta did a 180 and he was slammed into the concrete barrier.

He was stuck there for 45 minutes just waiting for someone to allow him to turn around and continue to the hospital.

Wouldn't "Highway to Hell" be a good name for a rock song ?

I had "enjoyed" I-285 around Atlanta for about 30 years when I retired and moved the hell away from it. I found two ways to protect myself there : 1) a car faster than most everything else, and 2) A truck large enough to protect me and which other drivers avoided getting too close to.

I got to experience I-95 approaching Miami in 2016. I was driving the car "faster than most" (see above), and found myself at about 110 MPH just to keep up.

The worst thing about I-285 that circles Atlanta is if the other drivers aren't nice you can't get off of it. You just continue to go in circles until you run out of gas. Then you are ticketed and towed.

I’ve driven on half these roads and am somehow still alive.

I-35 in Austin should get a dishonorable mention here along with it’s parallel cousin the Mo-Pac.

It's funny, when I lived in Dallas North Central Expressway and Stemmons were the ones you didn't want to be on, but how could there be accidents when you're sitting still in traffic and the exit is miles away?

The most dangerous road in the country was any road my son was driving on when he had his learner permit

Having driven both, Wolf Creek Pass on US 160 is a pussycat compared to Red Mountain Pass on US 550. Of course, Wolf Creek Pass has its own song while semis avoid Red Mountain Pass if they can. Don't remember the highway number, but the pass between MT and ID on highway between Missoula and Salmon has very tight switchbacks all in the trees so you can't tell how much farther it is to the bottom.

When did Popular Mechanics switch from car repair to the Auto Club?

I drive road #25 daily, and road #22 once a week. The problem isn't with these highways it is with drivers who believe that 85 mph is the lowest possible speed. These roads are also seldom patrolled by the Highway Patrol.

Last year, I-15 also had a brush fire that crossed the freeway. No injuries, but at least 80 vehicles were consumed by the flames. People then discovered that most auto insurance policies do not include coverage due to damage from natural events. Oops.

I was once stopped on our country road for driving too slow (impeding traffic). This particular road, you can impede traffic by going the speed limit. I get passed by semis, pickups, you name it. They pass on hills, curves, go over double yellow lines with impunity. At night, deer and other wild animals tend to get into the way.

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