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August 27, 2020


Tesla on autopilot hits police car as driver watches movie on cellphone

(Thanks to John Lobert, coscolo and Le Petomane)


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Which "The Fast and the Furious" movie was he watching?

By Goli, that's some accident. (see what I did there?)

And yet their stock goes ever higher, despite the company having never sold a car it didn't lose money on.

Just think... Someday these cars will drive themselves and you won't even need an idiot behind the wheel.

...another accident caused by the loose nut behind the wheel.

Evolution of the I/T helpdesk acronym PEBKAC -- "problem exists between keyboard and chair."

Articles such as this would make for interesting reading on long flights where often as much as 90% of flight time is on autopilot. Some years ago airlines added autoland (commonly called, Ottoland) in case the crew had fish for dinner.

@wanderer - yep - and error code ID10-T.

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