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August 26, 2020


UFO hunter astounded to find a 'squirrel' in NASA's official photos of Mars

(Thanks to John Lobert and pharmaross)


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I'd be more inclined to believe this if the squirrel was wrapped around a Martian bird feeder. That's where I usually find the squirrels in my yard.

I couldn't reach the site to read the story.
I was blocked.

It was that squirrel from "Ice Age", wasn't it?

The Roswell space aliens say we shouldn't be surprised there are squirrels on Mars. They are a common pest in most solar systems. When they build a nest in a anti-matter energy converter, things can get really tense. This is why most space ships using faster than light drive also keep a few Klingon cats onboard to stop incidents like this from happening.

Marti the Martian squirrel is always being seen in these photos, as it's rumored that he was a Florida squirrel who was secreting his stash of coconuts abord a Merrit Island rocket just before it launched and ultimately crashed on the Martian surface.

We always suspected squirrels were malevolent alien invaders. More evil and dangerous that the critter Sigourney Weaver kept having to kill.

It's not often you have squirrels on both sides of the camera.

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