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August 02, 2020


Human sperm roll like 'playful otters' as they swim, study finds, contradicting centuries-old beliefs

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and pharmaross)


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"More than 340 years ago, a Dutchman named Antonie van Leeuwenhoek invented a powerful new compound microscope and accidentally discovered the existence of bacteria, a groundbreaking achievement that changed the course of medicine. Not long after, he decided to look at his ejaculate -- definitely not an accident -- and discovered tiny, wiggling creatures with tails he dubbed "animalcules." ...not buying it, that stuff gets EVERYWHERE, man! One would surmise that he otter have known that.


This pretty much contradicts the Johnny Weissmiller theory.


Yeah, not falling for that one. We all know it's really an August Fool's Day link to an unwanted and entirely creepy photo of a once-popular musician (and former jingle writer).

Nice try, Mr. Blog!

Possibly related...


This shouldn't be news. A normal male ejaculate contains millions of sperm. Being male, they mess aimlessly around and generally spend all their time playing a version of twister before one sperm, that got thrown out of the twister games, manages to find the equivalent of the ever elusive "G" spot and becomes productive.

Seems appropriate they should move in a corkSCREW motion....

Since we are doin' videos, Trump's latest, "I am Donald Trump and I approve this ad."

Roll over, Beethoven.

I really like that Angus Young guy.




Who cares about sperm when you've got Tropical Storm or Hurricane Isaias coming towards nursecindy!

There is no question, scientific proof ais finally established. So obvious all the time, you pea-brain microscope head scientists.

Since the mid 30's, this is the move they were believed to make.

SO - playful otters near the beaver?

Anyone who watched the Simpsons episode where Bart was conceived already knew this. Homer and Marge are sitting on the sofa kissing, and "seconds later" all these tadpoles with Homer's head are messing aimlessly around, to use Le Petomane's phrase.

By the way, Le Petomane, I notice this is the second time in recent memory you have referenced the elusive G-spot. Feel free to relax and stop worrying about it because Cosmopolitan magazine recently ran an article saying they weren't going to be running any more articles on it because, after all their hype, they have decided...it might not even exist.

My Grandpappy told me that the reason it took several million sperm to do the job was because they were male sperm and darn few males will ever stop and ask for directions.

I saw "Playful Otters" open for the "Sex Pistols".

There is no mystery in sex anymore.

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