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August 29, 2020


Elon Musk's brain implant is working -- in pigs

(Thanks to see)


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O'er the ham parts...

Elon Musk is an anagram for Melon Suk. This may be part of a long term plan to suck everyone's brains out.

Elon is also pretty sure that we're all in a simulation, so I guess that means he's cheating, somehow.

Yep, Elon is quite a ham for sure.

A friend has written a lot of si-fi stories. One was about a society that had mandatory brain implants. A citizen had to have one to buy or sell anything and all licenses, bank accounts, etc, were in that implant. Of course evil forces added GPS tracking with a tiny bomb that imitates a brain aneurysym if some malcontent citizen goes to an unapproved meeting or votes wrong.

Of course, this is fiction and could never happen in the real world.

Could be why I've seen so many pigs driving Teslas.

Or it might work better the other way around.

Wait, Elon Musk has a brain?

So that's what happened to Grimes.

Gertrude is now the new VP of marketing...

After Fish&Chips, now Pig&Chips.

Lord knows it's not working in his own head.

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