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August 02, 2020


Basically, normal.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Unless I'm mistaken, I believe this is what's commonly known as a "Florida windshield wiper".

It's also my understanding, that when done bottonless, it's known as a "Canadian dear whistle".

I showed this vid to my mechanic who explained to me that: "The reason the truck is shimmeying like that is because of two loose nutz, the one on the hood and the one behind the wheel!"

This vid would make a great PSA for why you need to take precautions if you plan on driving a high profile vehicle in hurricane force, or strong cross winds.

Adds a twist to this idea.

Totally understandable if any of the vehicles was carrying lentils.

Remember those guys who come out and wipe your windshield when you are stoped at an intersection and then ask for money? This is what happens when one of them chooses poorly.

And speaking of Florida...Dave made the NY Times today! It's a short interview in an article called "Florida's Summer of Dread."



Version #2


“We usually would be assuming, ‘This is terrible,’ I think, except we’re already so busy assuming that Covid is terrible that we don’t have any room,” said the humor writer Dave Barry, a fellow veteran of the Miami press corps whom I have known since we both worked at The Miami Herald. “We go through this every year, where we always overreact to it, and maybe this time we underreact to it. Or maybe this is just 2020 lulling us into: ‘OK, you guys think you had a hurricane. Now you can relax!’ Then the big hurricane comes.” (thanks to pharma & JM)

Well, at least the driver isn't using his cell phone. The passenger could, though.

Meth Is A Helluva Drug


Dave, really appreciate your comments on how Hurricane/TS Isaias is almost being overlooked by the general public (given the plandemic), thus endangering their safety. Do you think if we start pronouncing it as: "TS Easy-arse" -it will help them re-focus their attention on the storm potentially saving thousands of lives?

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