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August 01, 2020


It is not looking good.

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 2.11.47 PM


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City of Miami consumed by mutant pasta as southern California residents lament its' not being gluten-free?

I never trust those European spaghetti models.

Can I put this up on my fridge?

Oops, someone spilled their Pick-up Sticks game pieces all over Florida.

*takes my seat on the Geezer Bus*

The National Weather Service wishes to apologize for accidentally releasing the wrong image of the current hurricane tracking in Florida.
The released image is actually a NASA photograph of a previously unknown insect type space creature that splattered on the windshield of a SpaceX rocket as it entered orbit.The hope is the unfortunate insect creature was not sentient. If it was sentient, the splattering could be interpreted as an act of war, in which case the hurricane path will be meaningless.

The National Weather Service regrets this mistake and returns you to the hurricane presently in progress.

Here in Japan we do not name typhoons, we number them. Last year’s #19 was a doozie. But if one is going to go to all the trouble of naming them, it would be well to pick a name that the newswires aren’t also going to have to tell people how to pronounce.

Newsperson: The name of the monster storm bearing down on you is pronounced ee-sah-EE-ahs.

Viewer: To hell with how it’s pronounced.

I am reminded of the Far Side cartoon showing a plane crash in the background and a bird reporter saying into the microphone, “We think the name of the bird sucked into the plane’s engine was Harold Meeker."

But, ee-sah-EE-ahs or eye-ZAY-us, please do continue to stay safe, people!

I have seen the storm on the weather station. Stay safe.

Appears to be getting serious. The Weather Channel has sent some guy to stand in front of the ocean. They report that you should not fly a kite and ground your fleet of drones. Wishing you all the best. All I have to deal with is someone is firing a blunderbuss behind my hovel. And it isn't Elmer Fudd.

From news reports, it appears the virus will not be at Mar-a-lago this weekend. So Dave’s hopes won’t be realized.

That looks like my GPS "recalculating."

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