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August 29, 2020


Murder hornets and drunken wasps find ‘perfect breeding ground’

(Thanks to Bill Rudersdorf, who says "And there’s plenty of 2020 to go!") 


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This year isn’t letting up at all

Why is it that any civilization with a queen is composed of nasty drunks?

Think of it this way. With global warming, there won't be many more years to endure this.

The arctic ice sheets are melting like crazy.

Dangerous, Drunken Flying Insects opened for Sting.

Alex, I'll take 'Another 5*Snork for vee', please.

I saw Drunken Wasps open for the BeeGees

@Dave - "Swell" - Get stung, and yes, you will.

I would say to send them to Washington, but they're already there.

Bees also like to nest in the ground (so not unlike Dave's campaign) get stung by one of those and you might suffer from a ground swell of grass roots support.

A woman came to a clerk in the hardware store in Kalispell and asked if the spray can of insecticide she was holding was good for wasps and hornets.

The clerk just shook his head sadly, "No ma'am it kills'em dead."

There's good reason to worry about folks nowadays.

The Sex-Crazed Giant House Spiders are probably on the way.

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