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August 15, 2020


In Aerial Combat Over Lake Michigan, Eagles: 1; Drones: 0

(Thanks to many people)


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If memory serves, eagles copulate in midair, so maybe he was just into something a little kinky.

The Day Of The Eagle

With us, it's people-0 squirrels-846

cfjk: He (or she) may have been kinky, but eagle copulation is much more boring.

The drone just needs some self-defense.

This from your link:"What is the courtship process?
Eagles engage in dramatic courtship displays that involving swooping flight, aerial stick exchanges and cartwheeling. These behaviors are all part of courtship and pair bonding.
Many of these behaviors also test the strength and agility of the potential mate." ...Just because "swinging from chandeliers" is not included, I wouldn't consider it all that boring.

"I'm not sure there's anything you can do. I think it's more of a crapshoot."

When you have a crapshoot, you need the CrapCam. Accept no substitutes.

MOTW- Do you buy a CrapCam at the same store you buy those always blurry Bigfoot or UFO cameras? Just asking. I can't seem to find them on Amazon, but they could be fun.

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