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August 29, 2020


A New York-based developer's new video game takes a new twist on the concept of a flight simulator by offering the realistic experience of taking a long commercial flight in economy class.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Break out the tiny cellophane bags of peanuts!

Does it include the kid sitting behind you kicking your seat?

How about the guy next to you who has an aversion to bathing?

Do you also get the middle seat?

PirateBoy, you forgot the person in front of you who leans their seat all the way back.

Flying hasn't been much fun since airlines stopped serving fish on long flights.

What next... a DMV appointment simulator ?

Perfectly beastly usage of apostroph'e's'.

"Wifi outages"? Don't make me laugh. If they really want people to experience discomfort, they should simulate the flight my mom and little sister were on that was forced to make a temporary landing in North Korea. (At least it wasn't the one that got shot down by Russian fighter jets.)

But can they simulate the terror of catching covid ?

I'm waiting for the 'Airplane!' simulator... just make sure to avoid the fish.

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