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August 28, 2020


YouTuber combines 10,000 liters of Coca-Cola with baking soda to explosive effect

(You can skip to about the 17:00 mark.)

America is losing the arms race.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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At least that got them out of their parents basements.

It's hard to believe that it only took them four years to come up with this incredible display.

At last.....a worthy purpose for Coke Zero.

The Mythbusters did something like this with Mentos a decade ago.

Years ago, when this first started with Mentos and Diet Coke, my then elementary school-aged son (he's two years out of college now) did an experiment for science class comparing different soft drinks and how big a geyser they'd make.

He found that the caffeine concentration controlled how far it shot. Caffeine-free drinks did very poorly in comparison. Dr Pepper, although it has caffeine, didn't do as well because it outgassed more when opened than any other drink.

You should have seen the look on the grocery store cashier when I walked up with an entire cart full of two-liter bottles of almost every soft drink they sold along with roll and rolls of Mentos. "Kid's science experiment." And the look on her face said, "Suuuure...."

Anyone ever have one of the toy boats powered by baking soda? We were only allowed to run ours in the bathtub, but we had visions of what might be possible with a larger body of water. (Geezer bus has been called.)

I didn't realize it was Coca-Cola harvest time.

Can't imagine where he got the idea.

Thanks, but I've already seen that " Tsar Bomba " video.

Maybe someday in the golden future a YouTuber will actually come up with something useful.

I've seen the adds for cleaning your toilet with cola, so if you add the baking soda I imagine it will take care of the snakes too.

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