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August 26, 2020


This is a video of Youtuber discussing and building the Stickler, a hot glue gun (complete with proton pack) that can shoot up to thirty feet, then using it to glue a toilet and anvil to the side of his Subaru.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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He's a smart man. The Subaru dealership usually charges big bucks for toilets and anvils. I would also like to point out that again, no women were involved in this.

Is he Gluish? He doesn't look Gluish.

Actually, Cindy, he has a girlfriend who shoots most of the video. That was really the most amazing part of the whole thing...

His future inmates in the mental asylum will enjoy him telling and retelling this story, over and over and.......

Those krispykremes can get really sticky, so don't lick your pinkys, just wipe them on the side of your subaru

Although normally I wouldn't be interested, in this case I would have liked to have seen how well the toilet worked.

Shortly after the video was posted and the glue gun was safely put away, the guy's sister was caught on his Youtube camera engaging in fun with his best friend and his dog.

This sounds like a normal episode of the RED GREEN SHOW.

And they said that Paste-Pot Pete was a ridiculous villain.

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