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August 09, 2020


This is not a topic, but: If you’re looking for a good documentary series and you have Netflix, consider Cheer. It’s excellent. 


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July 2020 News Bloopers...


Damn Mitt Romney!

I would rather watch deranged camels.

I can't help but feel that the Blog is setting us up for a severe leg pulling. I suggest we all sleep with one eye open this night.

Per the request of Poiuyt...


@pharmaross - good one.

There was an earthquake in North Carolina today. I think nursecindy might be busy trying to glue back all the china dinnerware.

Cheer is great but Wisk gets out spots.

As long as we're recommending things " The Umbrella Academy " is a hoot.

I've attempted to watch TUA a few times, and I'm always left feeling like I've been watching a series of "out-takes" ...kind of like that "Dammit" reel from 24. Tell me what I'm missing.

...And ya, What's shakin', NC?

It's hard to be cheerful ever since the Cheers bar closed.

I enjoyed the News Bloopers. Cable news should try interviewing monkeys and birds instead of interviewing the majority of A@@holes they put on these days asking them to share their opinion or expertise with viewers. I'm canceling my cable subscription soon.

man tom,

Invest in the Clearstream Max-V
Indoor/Outdoor UHF/VHF HDTV Antenna. About $80 at Best Buy.

It's amazing how many digital channels are available for free over the air.

This antenna will pull in your local stations and you can pair it with the Sling TV Orange/Blue streaming service for $45 per month. No contracts. Huge savings over traditional cable tv.

I am into reducing my telecom communication expenses. T-Mobile cellular is now offering 4 lines for $100 + tax & fees. Visible Cellular which is owned by Verizon and utilizes the Verizon Network, offers 4 lines for $100 with the taxes & fees baked into the price. The T-Mobile and Visible plans offer unlimited talk, text & data. Bring your own phone if it's unlocked. T-Mobile & Verizon have comparable coverage maps.

I have had HD Homerun up and running for years. Have Slingbox for decades. Problem with Slingbox is with windows 10 voice/picture are out of sync. Slingbox/Slingplayer runs off the cable box anyway.

I think HD Homerun and Clearstream Max-V would be about the same?

Bye bye to Spectrum cable TV. Soon.

I have a little older model of this Clear Channel Tuner.

i spent time the past few days installing my Mini ITX, I built, computer in the bedroom hooking it up to the 50" Super Deluxe Motorola Console/stereo combo. Getting ready to view a lot of HD Homerun programming. I had an old micro computer hooked up for many years. The much newer Mini is much faster and has better video specs.

I forgot to mention. I have also written off watching the NBA. No 'mo for man tom. Bye.

My Netflix password somehow became corrupted. Yeah, that's it! I mean, I must have forgotten it....

May I borrow yours?


man tom,

ClearStream Max-V...


I watched a couple of video demonstrating the Max V. So, the antenna uses your TV's tuner. The HD Homerun provides a dual Clear Channel tuner. I get about 200 channels when I do a scan. I just upgraded to the latest firmware/softwware a couple of days ago. So, I have a very nice Super Duper coaxial antenna I attach to the HD Homerun tuner unit. Then run the tuner with antenna to my router. Can access on any computer or even multiple computers at the same time. I had my HD Homerun tuner working freelance with my TV, no computer needed, but that wireless connection is putzed for now until I can find the problem.

The Max V looks good. I would buy one.

Currently out of stock, but I have had this bad boy indoor antenna hooked to my clear channel tuner for many years. Works very well and indoors if you can find one.

I remember watching that....always liked Norm and Cliff!

I've become hooked on Last Chance U.

Since nursecindy didn't answer, I can assure you she is fine. She was far enough away from the NC-Virginia border where the earthquake hit that she did not feel it.

Speaking of documentaries on Netflix, if you don't mind (or enjoy) seeing people get their brain cut open, watch LENOX HILL, about four doctors at that New York hospital. Very interesting show.

The Israeli documentarians who made it went back six months after they had finished filming to see how they were coping with Covid in one final episode, "Pandemic."

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