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August 07, 2020


Let's be careful out there.


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Jeez DAve, NOW you tell us? You should of thought'a that a LOT sooner!

Haven't we been here before?

I'm carrying over the subject from the previous thread regarding: Vacuum type wipers and a subject often overlooked, Checking and maintaining your blinker fluid.

Well, here. This is a how do it do it tutorial showing how to check your blinker fluid.

This is why you should always use hand signals (and not just to show your displeasure with a fellow operator).

Quarantine deja-vu, again.

Out there is getting closer:

I'm getting a Hill Street Blues vibe

The next time you are accused remember this picture.

Out there FRB was getting closer, but now that it's past us, it's getting farther away.

I can remember when gas was 14 cents a gallon.

*Your horsepower joke goes here.

Dave Barry for President...

What if I don't want to be careful? I prefer being carefree. Sometimes I'm careless but that seldom works out well for me.

https://www.reddit.com/r/seinfeld/comments/1jnncs/you_fed_the_horse_beefarino/ ..."What do you feed that animal? We can't breathe back here!"

Someone help me establish a safety perimeter around nursecindy.

I'm with you MOTW. But it'll be a pretty big perimeter, as I'm half a world away. We might need one or two more people to make it really secure.

Or " Have a care. ", as those people on that little isle are wont to say.

Here in Houston, the police will be writing $250 tickets for mask ordinance violators. This should cover our city budget for the next decade. Just today, waiting for my wife in the post office, an older man drove up and walked up to the door with a box. Seeing the sign "Mask Required", he went back to his car, grumbling "*%&%* masks, *%&$&", and drove away.

So if you were expecting a package from your grandfather in Houston, don't hold your breath.

But if I’m not out there, do I still need to be careful? ‘Cause I’m in here.

Where can we find Vermin Supreme on this year's ballot?

Let's be careful out there.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12347347/paddlers-warned-about-exploding-numbers-of-deadly-weever-fish-targeting-uk-beaches/ ...especially at the beach?

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