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August 27, 2020


Sex-crazed giant house spiders 'the size of your hand' are invading UK homes now

(Thanks to Doug Shedd and Stephen M.)


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Please tell me they can't mate with murder hornets.

I saw SCGHS open for Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust show.

And just what, may I ask,is wrong about having a sex-crazed house spider?

Not gonna click on this link either.

France is, etc.

Burt Macklin,FBI-- It will be just our luck they will mate, the offspring become highly venomous flying attack spiders and...and...no one will notice with everything else going on.

This is bound to amuse the Brits' former colonists in the southern hemisphere.

"That's not a spider. THIS is a spider."

So am I to assume that there isn't a band called SEX-CRAZED GIANT HOUSE SPIDERS?

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